2021 Sermon Series

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The Bible calls us to pray about all sorts of things, but in the New Testament one of the most common types of prayers is praying for the church. In this series we’re going to look at 8 New Testament prayers and what they teach us about praying for our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Do you enjoy spending time with God? Do you actually enjoy God? This new series is all about how you can enjoy God in the ordinary moments of every day. God didn’t just save us so we could be saved, but so we could live in a dynamic and personal relationship with himself. The goal of the Christian life isn’t to be saved, but to live in a relationship with God.

At Easter we celebrate the death of Jesus Christ, but often we don’t think about why Jesus had to die. This Easter we’re going to look at 5 reasons why Jesus had to die: Righteousness, reconciliation, redemption, resurrection and regeneration.

The early church didn’t just meet together as a whole church in the Temple for worship and fellowship, they also met in each other’s homes and shared meals together. In this series we’re going to see that Home Groups are places of growth, places of fellowship, places of prayer, and places of care.

Paul wrote this letter to Titus because Titus was serving a church, that instead of being filled with godly people, was filled with poor sickly believers. Paul’s letter encouraged Titus to build his church by investing in the godliness of God’s people. This sermon series unpacks what the book of Titus says about godly believers.

Follow this link to find stand-alone sermons. Titles include ‘Renew Your Promises’.

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