Stand-Alone Titles

1. A Christian Response to Racism 14th June 2020

Since George Floyd’s death on May 25th the issue of racism has become one of the biggest issues not only in the United States, but also here in Australia. How should we respond to racism as Christians? In this sermon I look at the inherent value of human life, how we have all been tainted by sin, and how Jesus not only reconciled us with our heavenly Father, but also with each other. I look at 7 ways that we can respond to racism as Christians.

2. Being the Church 21st June 2020

What does it mean to be the church when you can’t go to church. In this sermon Ps Josh is going to unpack what Acts 2:42-47 says about what it means to be the church. The early church had a shared commitment to certain things. You will learn how to share a spiritual life as well as a relational life with other believers.

3. God’s Love and Hate 28th June 2020

We all like the idea that God loves us. In fact, the heart of the gospel is God’s love shown to us in the death of his Son, Jesus Christ. So, what do we do with the passages in the Bible that speak of God’s hatred, his anger and wrath, and his condemnation and judgment? How do we reconcile a God who loves sinners, with a God who hates sin? This sermon is based on Malachi 1:1-4 and how God loved Jacob, but hated Esau.

4. I Love God’s Word 5th July 2020

Psalm 119 is pretty much a love song, a song of love for God’s word. In this sermon I explain why I love God’s word, and why you should love God’s word as well. Our love for God’s word begins with our love for God’s Word, Jesus Christ. We love God’s word because in this broken world it gives us hope and peace. We love God’s word because it teaches us how to live and saves us from stumbling. We show our love for God’s word in our awe and delight in it. But God’s word also changes us.

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